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Buying Your 

Next Home

Buying Your Next Home

If you may be looking to either upgrade, downsize, move to a new suburb or city or change your lifestyle then Brisbane Finance can assist you in finding the right loan. There are different options available to you when you are looking to purchase another property with regards to finance and it is advisable that you speak to Brisbane Finance to make sure you choose the right option.

Possible Options

1.    Sell your home and keep your current mortgage simply by using your current Financiers Portability Option


2.    Look at possibly obtaining a Bridging Loan, this will allow you to keep your current property for a limited time and still purchase your new home.

3.    Keep your existing property and turn it into an Investment Property then use the equity out of this property to purchase your next owner-occupied          property. Finance Studio recommends that you speak to your Accountant or Financial Advisor if you choose this option.

Why Brisbane Finance - For your Next Purchase

Simply because we will help you with both the Finance and the Purchase.  At Brisbane Finance we are working for you to find the best possible finance to suit you both now and into the future.   When purchasing property sometimes we can get excited about the home and will just take whatever finance is available at the time, however it is very important to remember finance is a long-term commitment and it must be suitable and structured to your circumstances.

We also have access to current market property reports (Queensland Only) and this is a fantastic tool when sourcing properties as we can run reports on the current market status both for your current property and the new incoming property.  This can help you particularly when purchasing so you know that you are not paying more than the market value for the incoming property.

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